CS Oosterhout and CS Dongen united as one!

By: Elvira van Gorsel

On Monday 11 January, the Oosterhout and Dongen CS departments finally formed a single CS unit. On many occasions over the last few years, we have weighed up the practical and theoretical pros and cons of a merger of these two departments. Until recently, a full CS team was needed at Oosterhout to cater to three large stockholding customers. Two of these customers, however, are no longer stockholders, so we can now place a greater emphasis on increasing unity and flexibility within CS in the Netherlands. In the first week of January, the layout of the Dongen office was redesigned into two blocks, one for CS and one for planning, including support and flexi-desks. All members of the CS team now share a single block, allowing them to take action more quickly and putting them in a better position to effectively support one another. At the beginning of the second operational week, the benefits of this change in layout became abundantly clear; if one or more employees should be absent, it is now far easier to take over their duties quickly and efficiently. Proof such as this further strengthens our confidence in the choice we made to reorganise the departments.



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