Frigolanda and Cardon Logistique in close collaboration

October 16 2017

For the past few months, Frigolanda Kortrijk and Cardon Logistique have been working in close collaboration. Based around 30km from Kortrijk, Cardon Logistique is part of the TDL Group and specialises in the transportation of both fresh and frozen products.

Working together for a single tender

The collaboration came about when Croustico decided to split the tender between storage and transportation. It was then that the two firms joined forces in order to win the tender. Frigolanda is in charge of storage and picking, while Cardon Logistique takes care of deliveries in Belgium and Luxembourg.  Cardon Logistique has also entrusted Frigolanda with delivery to West and East Flanders.

Harmonisation of processes

It was of course necessary to bring the processes of the two organisations’ activities into line with each other, for example, through agreements on destinations and deadlines.  Orders are prepared on the basis of destination, with the deliveries for the furthest away locations prepared first and Frigolanda’s deliveries prepared last. From 5pm, the first pallets are transported to the TDL Group’s various cross-dock sites. This process goes on until 11pm, making it possible to guarantee next-day delivery.

Specially adapted labels on the pallets enable identification of the destinations and the allocated wagons for the deliveries and the drivers are given all the necessary documentation so that they can provide the customer with information about the delivery. Since collaboration began, we have also been in daily contact with Cardon Logistique in order to optimise the delivery processes, and this will continue until the whole process has been streamlined.

Perfect customer service

The collaboration with Cardon Logistique extends beyond just that with Croustico. The daily shuttling between the two sites makes it possible to exchange frozen deliveries: Frigolanda is able to carry out certain deliveries for Cardon Logistique and Cardon Logistique can do the same for some of Frigolanda’s frozen deliveries. This enables us both to optimise our transportation and provide our customers with perfect service.



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