IFS follow-up audit in Kamenz

December 25 2016

Our follow-up audit in Kamenz took place on 9 November, led by a new auditor, Mr Manfred Holz. The audit results show that even an “older” chilled storage facility can meet IFS requirements.

We had mixed feelings about the audit, as we hadn’t been able to implement the required structural improvements within a year. For example, the link between our warehouses (chilled store and freezer) was not complete, meaning that chilled products are still transported via an external route. Since April 2016, only the unloading of chilled products has been performed using a mobile loading bridge, with the result that the goods can be stored directly in the cold store. Our loading bridges are not yet protected against the elements.

Despite this, we were able to convince Mr Holz that our quality management system is effective and that employees understand it and stick to it. However, while our older chilled storage facility does indeed meet the IFS requirements, structural modifications will be necessary in the short term in order to meet the IFS standard. This will allow us to bring our facility up to the full satisfaction of our customer, Müller Milch. 



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