Refresher internal transport training

June 29 2017

All nineteen participants have passed!

In May, nineteen colleagues took refresher internal transport training at the VDAB training centre in Rekkem. Two of them sat the reach forklift exam and seventeen sat the internal transport exam (which focused on small means of internal transport, and the electric transpallet in particular).

Both the reach forklift and electric transpallet are indispensable in our day-to-day work processes, as they allow us to move goods quickly and efficiently. However, the use of such equipment is not without risk. Incorrect or improper use can lead to hazardous situations for the operator, pedestrians and other operators alike. It can also lead to damage to the goods, warehouse racking, the building, or the lorry. Refresher training for operators of reach forklifts and electric transpallets is therefore very important. Operators must be aware of risks at all times so that they can detect, and also anticipate, hazardous situations.

This has prompted us at Frigolanda Kortrijk to send all warehouse staff who do not have the appropriate certificate yet or whose certificate has expired on a refresher course. At the VDAB training centre, our colleagues were trained by instructor Stefaan van Assche. The course looked at the theory and included plenty of practical exercises. The theory part covered subjects such as basic maintenance, load charts, stability and balancing, while the practical exercises gave the students a chance to hone their driving and manoeuvring skills using an actual reach forklift and electric transpallet. The course was concluded with a theory test and a practical test. We are thrilled that all participants have passed. They now all have an official certificate that is valid for ten years.



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