Time has not stood still for the Kortrijk transport team

October 05 2015

Our transport team is once again made up of four beautiful people! Jill gave birth to a lovely daughter, Estelle. Over the last few months, her little one has enjoyed a large dose of motherly love. We are delighted to have Jill back on the team, although she has had to adjust to being back at work after four months’ leave. In the meantime, time has not stood still. We have received new trailers and we drove 30% more journeys for Ysco than last year. The start of the distribution operations in Belgium for Van Heezik was an enormous adjustment. The company submits orders until 3pm, so we had to adjust our scheduling method. In the morning, vehicles are only ordered based on the available information and expectations at that time. Scheduling does not start until after 3pm. This is a change that impacts on the entire department, including in terms of administrative support. Miet really had her work cut out, especially when it came to checking invoices. We are now all on the same page again. But the clock is ticking, and that is a good thing. Now we are looking forward to Wannes’ wedding. We wish him all the best for the future.



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