2017 company outing: trip to Görlitz

October 16 2017

Our 2017 company outing took place on 24 June and this year’s destination was Görlitz. Everyone arrived at Görlitz station right on time, allowing us to begin the day promptly at 12pm with a tour of the Landskron brewery. It was fascinating to learn more about the brewing process and its history. Landskron beer has been brewed since 1869.

The brewery survived two world wars, as well as 40 years in the GDR. It is currently the largest brewery in Germany, as well as the country’s most distinguished beer brand, brewing naturally matured craft beer. We were, of course, also able to sample the various types of beer produced there during our tour.

Later, we took a tour of Görlitz itself, taking in the beauty of the town with its magnificent town houses.

Towards the end of the afternoon, we reached our final destination: Görlitz’ old cold store, which has been written about previously. Our friends in Görlitz gave us a glimpse of their cultural projects, from the photo lab and the silk-screen workstation to the workshops and concert spaces, all housed within the unique atmosphere of the old cold store. To round off what was a thoroughly stimulating day, we were treated to a delicious evening meal in the form of a buffet. An excellent day was had by all!



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