Employee in the spotlight: Adrie Siemons

February 02 2017

Adrie is one of our drivers. He’s out on the road early every day, making deliveries to our customers. Adrie is self-employed, but hired by us. He previously spent 25 years driving abroad and was regularly away from home for days on end. He started driving for Frigolanda around five and a half years ago as a kind of stepping stone to get him through the winter. He liked it so much (and so did we!) that he’s been enjoying driving for us every day since.

Adrie had always wanted to drive his ‘own’ vehicle for Frigolanda. A few months ago he acquired a Frigolanda tractor unit, when Hans van Leeuwen told him ‘I have a vehicle for you’. Adrie researched things thoroughly to ensure that everything was in order. Everything went well and he signed a takeover contract. Despite a few teething problems, things are now going smoothly. In his own words: “I haven’t regretted it for a moment.” In the meantime, Adrie has personalised his vehicle even more.  For example, he changed its name from 202034 to ST-02 (SiemarTrans-02), his second own vehicle. And the illuminated over-cab sign now proudly displays the name SiemarTrans, in true Frigolanda style.



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