New telephone exchange in the Netherlands

December 25 2016

We are aiming to install the new electronic telephone exchange in the Netherlands by mid-December.  Dongen will be the first to go live. The exchange will be installed in our standard partner Global-e’s data centre.

We want to improve the flow of telephone traffic, with callers being connected directly with the right person or department. This is expected to relieve the workload on the office, and reduce call charges.

At 1pm, the system will switch to the lunch setting for 30 minutes. Anyone who calls during that period gets a message that we’re taking a short break. If necessary, callers can indicate that they need to speak to someone urgently, in which case the call will be put through.

The new group numbers are:

  • Administration +31 (0)162 381220
  • Warehouse +31 (0)162 381240
  • CS Front office +31 (0)162 381250
  • CS Back office +31 (0)162 381255
  • Planning +31 (0)162 381260
  • Management +31 (0)162 381270


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