WMS and new equipment

June 29 2017

Alongside the introduction of the new warehouse management system, we have purchased new equipment for our Kamenz site. Two CCTV cameras have been installed in loading zone 2.

All three of our sites in Germany have furthermore been equipped with new scanners. At our Dresden and Kamenz sites, these are hand-held scanners, while our Kamenz site now has fixed scanners that are to be mounted on forklift trucks. These new scanners will be used to scan all incoming pallets, i.e. to record all pallet movements.

We have developed a scanning process especially for Müller Milch, our primary customer. This new process allows us to receive and store boxes with great ease thanks to the Müller scan code on the boxes. Although we are still getting to grips with the new WMS system, we are very pleased with how it has been going so far. The roll-out of the new system has already helped us optimise our work processes. We are confident that we will soon be completing the project.



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