Being a responsible company goes beyond providing excellent value-creating solutions for our parners. It also means incorporating sustainable initiatives which allow us to operate with minimal impact on the environment. We view environmental sustainability as a continuous process, and seize every opportunity to enhance our role in this.


Volvo Dynafleet – This fuel management system helps us to reduce our fleet’s fuel consumption by up to 10%. In addition to minimising fuel costs, exhaust CO2 emissions are also reduced.


Fuel-efficient fleet of vehicles – Frigolanda operates a fleet of ultra-modern transport units that meet and even exceed strict European emissions standards. In addition to reducing overall emissions and thereby their environmental impact, the engines used in these units are highly efficient in terms of fuel consumption.


Recycling Programme – In an effort to further minimise our impact on the environment, Frigolanda has implemented an internal recycling programme. It’s thanks to this initiative that we have been able to contribute towards the conservation of natural resources, reduce the amount of waste sent to recycle institutions or incinerators, and make an active contribution towards the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


Solar panels for energy generation – We have installed solar panels on warehouses in Germany to make a start with using non-fossil energy. Unfortunately not all our warehouses are converted into energy generation institutions but we are on our way to do so.


Energy-Efficient Lighting – Every little bit helps: that’s why we’ve gone the extra mile to equip many of our warehouse facilities with energy-efficient lighting systems. We have installed energy-saving bulbs in our new systems that are long-lasting, cost-effective. It is our goal and we put means into action of having the least possible impact on the environment.


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